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    Our purpose, our mission, and what we are trying to accomplish.  Click on Our Mission or Policies to get information and a more detailed  description.
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    Click the button to take you to this special page for poems, stories, and anecdotes designed to encourage and inspire you
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    Sermon outlines on hundreds of topics from the Word of God.  Study each sermon for a well rounded knowledge of the Word of God

  • Sermons for Pulpit or PowerPoint
    Designed with the pastor, teacher, or Christian worker in mind.  Take advantage of thousands of hours of study of the Word of God, and years of pastoral experience presented in outline form for ease of understanding.    

  • Articles by Mrs. Jeanette Berry
    Bible Principles in Everyday Life
    Enjoy learning Bible principles through every-day-life experiences that took place in the home and the life of a preacher's wife.  Though sad, common, or very funny, each teaches that trusting God in every circumstance is pleasing to Him.

  • Mission Ministries
    News updated regularly from the missionary fields of which Truth Helpers has an active interest.  Learn more about each endeavor by clicking the link and reading each story. Click the flags for more information on each work.

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Ministries to provide help

These are links for those seeking Christian support and counseling.
     Christian Literature
     Christian Legal Ministries
     Creation Science Ministries
     Christian Schools
     Marriage Counseling
     Support Groups
     Ministries that Confront our Culture

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