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Outlines from Dr Thomas Berry

It is our sincere prayer and hope that Christian ministers, teachers, and workers will be blessed and helped in their important work by the sermon outlines listed below. They are given permission to use the writings of Thomas E and Jeanette Berry in their personal ministry without giving credit. However, permission is not given to sell these writings in any form without written permission of the authors.

Some of the following messages have links to formats that are designed for editing, printing or video presentation.


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Sermon Outlines

Fiery Trials / from 1 Peter 4:12 / HTML / DOC / PPT

When I See the Blood  / HTML / DOC / PPT / PDF

Walking Through The Darkness from John 8:12 / HTML / DOC / PPT / PDF

Why Jesus Became A Man from Philippians 2:5 / HTML / DOC / PPT / PDF

The God We Worship from John 4:19-24 / HTML / DOC / PPT / PDF

Creation, Self or God Started from Genesis 1:1  / HTML / DOC / PPT / PDF

Bible: Revelation or Ravings from 1st John 5:13 / HTML / DOC / PPT / PDF

Man: Ascended or Descended from Many  / HTML / DOC / PPT / PDF

Christ Who Came from Matthew 22:42 / HTML / DOC / PPT / PDF

Who Is This Jesus from Luke 5:20 / HTML / DOC / PPT / PDF

Passion of The Cross from 1 Corinthians 1  / HTML / DOC / PPT / PDF

Precious Blood of Christ from 1 Peter 1:18 / HTML / DOC / PPT / PDF

Christians In 4th Dimension from Ephesians 1:15 / HTML

Six Days of Creation / HTML

A Fool / HTML / DOC

Being A Good Father / HTML

Birth of Jesus / HTML

Precious Blood of Christ / HTML

Bride and The Groom / HTML / DOC

Can I Know? / HTML / DOC

The Church At Antioch / HTML / DOC

Christian and His Savior / HTML

Christmas / HTML / DOC

Church Structure / HTML

Coping With Change / HTML

Courage / HTML

Cross of Christ / HTML

Easter Is Important / HTML

Encouragement / HTML

End-time Prophecies / HTML / DOC

Facing Our Fears / HTML

Fiery Trials / HTML

Following The Shepherd / HTML

Genuine Christianity / HTML

Fruitfulness / HTML

Giver of Peace / HTML

Get To Heaven On Your Good Looks / HTML

Giving in the Old Testament / HTML

Giving in the New Testament / HTML

Go With God / HTML

Why God Chose Mary / HTML / DOC

God’s Expectations / HTML

Knowing God Loves Me / HTML

God Allows Suffering / HTML

God Is A Trinity / HTML

God Prepares for His Birth / HTML / DOC

God’s Plan For Man, I / HTML

God’s Plan For Man, II / HTML

God’s Son Born, Man Preoccupied / HTML / DOC

A Little Cake First / HTML

Grace of Christ / HTML

Grateful Heart / HTML

After Death / HTML

Airplane Crash / HTML

All Things Work Together / HTML

Backsliding of a Prominent Preacher / HTML / DOC

Can Religion Save / HTML

Our Christian Heritage / HTML

Do You Know / HTML

Finding Peace With God / HTML / DOC

Greatest Memorial / HTML

Happy Is That People / HTML

Jesus Saves / HTML

Lest We Forget / HTML

Life’s Key Issues / HTML

Life’s Purpose / HTML

Looking for Jesus / HTML

Lost Heritage / HTML

Managing Money / HTML

Mission On Earth / HTML

My Testimony for God / HTML

New Believers / HTML

Not Far From The Kingdom / HTML

Our Bible / HTML

Our Savior / HTML

Peter Goes Fishing / HTML

Peter’s Last Will and Testament / HTML

Pit and the Pendulum / HTML

Preoccupation / HTML

Preparing for Jesus’ Birth / HTML

Price of Freedom / HTML

Priorities of a New Believer / HTML

Responding To Conflict / HTML

Saved By Grace / HTML

Signs of Christ’s Coming / HTML

The Sower / HTML

Spiritual Growth / HTML

Spiritual Revolutionaries / HTML

Stress Free Living / HTML

The Believer’s Joy / HTML

Serve God in a Local Church / HTML

The Glorious Hope / HTML

The Imperative of Life / HTML

The King and the Kingdom / HTML

The Life That Wins / HTML

The Quest of Faith / HTML

The Reason Jesus Came / HTML

The Test of Stewardship / HTML

The Victorious Christian Life / HTML

The Worst Sin of the World / HTML

Then Sunday Came / HTML

Those Left Behind / HTML / DOC

Three Worlds / HTML

Time-line of Prophecy / HTML

To Whom Shall We Go HTML / DOC

Value of Appreciation / HTML

Which Religion Saves / HTML

Your Passion / HTML

A Heritage Of Thanksgiving / HTML

Proving Our Gratitude / HTML

Why Be Thankful / HTML

Songs In The Night / HTML

No Room in the Inn / HTML

Things Jesus Left On Earth / HTML

On The Threshold / HTML

The Dark Tunnels of Life / HTML

Love Sees The Need / HTML

Washing Dirty Feet / HTML

Pushing The Chicken Switch / HTML

The Value of Committed Love / HTML

What Is Man  / HTML

The Voice of the Blood / HTML

A Picture of Redeeming Sacrifice / HTML

Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement / HTML

Jesus, Forsaken at Calvary / HTML

Who Is This? / HTML

Calvary Speaks Today / HTML

First Step To Happiness-Be Saved / HTML

New Life in Christ / HTML

The King From Heaven / HTML

Walk With The Lord / HTML

Gain Victory Over Sin / HTML

Things Important To God / HTML

The Victorious Christian Life / HTML

Find and Follow God’s Will / HTML