Truth Helpers Inc.


  1. We actively search for Christian ministries that are uniquely effective in meeting spiritual, physical, material and emotional needs.

  2. We seek to endorse ministries that radiate the spirit of Christ. This means godliness permeated with love, compassion and care.

  3. Because we believe the spiritual impact of ministry is pre-eminent we look for ministries that embrace the essential truths of Christianity: One God, Who has revealed Himself in three personalities, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The virgin birth and deity of Jesus Christ; The sacrificial death of Jesus Christ for the sins of humanity, His burial and His glorified resurrection. Salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. The revelation of God’s truth by infallible inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The second coming of Christ.

  4. We verify the integrity of the financial operations of each ministry in order to endorse them with confidence to prospective supporters.

  5. We will forward 100% of all gifts designated to particular ministries. However, we encourage all those desiring to support ministries we endorse to send their support directly to the chosen ministry. Our primary reason is to encourage a partnership bonding between the supporter and those supported.

  6. We welcome the support of those who desire to partner with Truth Helpers, Inc. We are a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation and all gifts are deductible for income tax purposes. Following each calendar year we send a receipt for the total amount of all gifts. For those desiring quarterly reports we can provide them.

  7. Truth Helpers, Inc. publishes a financial report following each year. These reports are available upon request.