Truth Helpers Inc.


Our Mission

   To be a place where answers are found to the greatest needs of life
To provide worthwhile purpose, excitement and a reason for living
To connect lovers of God and His truth for uniquely effective ministry

Everyone has needs. Even the most successful among us, will languish without healthy  opportunities to make a difference and really help others. The cure for many modern ailments is often found in a prescription of caring and the therapy of reaching out to others. Perhaps you have been moved to say, “Somebody ought to do something about. . .

  • orphan children starving in the streets of the world

  • the increasing abuse of wives, children, and the elderly.

  • the sick and afflicted who cannot afford health or medical care.

  • those fighting a losing battle because of their dependence to alcohol and/or drugs.

  • those grieving deeply who don’t know where to find comfort.

  • marriages on the verge of exploding.

  • young people in an environment so bad that, humanly speaking, they don’t have a prayer.

  • those who feel hopeless because of mental and/or emotional depression.

  • human beings cast away and forgotten in the prisons.

  • those in dense spiritual darkness who have no light of God’s saving truth shining through.”

Perhaps you have been the person experiencing one or more of these great needs and didn’t know where to go for answers.

The facts are:

  1. These needs, and many more, are being experienced by millions everyday and 

  2. There are dedicated people and ministries working in all these areas, Some are being uniquely effective. 

You may be one of those whose knowledge, skills, time, and resources are being employed to provide solutions to one or more of these great needs. But you . . .

. . .don’t have people to partner with you in a joint effort
. . .could do so much more if you had adequate resources, facilities, equipment, etc.
. . .do not possess the time, knowledge or skills to be a fundraiser.

These problems underscore the reasons Truth Helpers, Inc was founded. It is our mission to:

  1. Connect those who have great needs with those who can provide solutions

  2. Connect those providing solutions with those who have a desire to partner with them in prayer, resources, talent, and finances to produce uniquely effective ministry. 

Dr. Thomas and Jeanette Berry

Dr Berry’s Bio

“We therefore ought to receive such, that we might be fellow helpers to the truth.” -3 John 8