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Life Changing Messages for Print and PowerPoint

Make your message the highlight of the service.

The newly released Great Truths of the Christian Faith CD contains messages carefully prepared to provide formats that are useful for almost any delivery style and presentation need. Each message can be printed in a convenient half page booklet, which folds and fits neatly in your Bible. The messages can be used as is or edited to produce printable outlines, quarterly style handouts or bulletin inserts.

  • Easy to edit, print and present
  • Foldable notes that fit your Bible
  • PowerPoint presentation-ready
  • Proven Messages
  • Great resources for Pastors

The CD also contains PowerPoint Sermons professionally designed for live dual display of detailed sermon notes for the speaker and high quality corporate style layouts by the lead designer from

A message from the author, Dr Tom Berry

My personal journey as a preacher began in July of 1950. My pastor allowed me to preach the closing night of a tent revival. It was a moving experience when people came forward to receive Christ as Savior and others came to rededicate their lives to Christ. Since that time I have preached for over 50 years throughout much of the central and eastern United States… and many nations of the world.

My desire is to assist other God-called preachers and reach out to the ends of the earth to the best of my ability. We are delighted to supply you with the fruit of over fifty years of ministry. One of the most exciting things to me is that these sermons can be electronically translated into major languages of the world with a push of a button. That makes it possible for the majority of God-called preachers on planet earth to have access to these life-changing messages.

For those of you who use PowerPoint in your worship services, we have invested in a new professionally designed PowerPoint Sermon CD titled, “The Great Truths of The Christian Faith”. It is specially designed to complement your new sermon resource library with 20 key messages fully prepared for live PowerPoint video projection presentation. The CD also contains over 100 sermons from our web site in various useful formats.

I am also happy to share with you that a portion of the funds from each series of PowerPoint sermons is used to support some of the most effective ministries I know. The balance enables us to fulfill our final legacy in ministry for Christ.

Thank you for joining us in being ‘fellow helpers of the truth’.

Dr Tom Berry

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