Truth Helpers Inc.


Truth Helpers, Inc. makes your money really count on the mission field. 100% of your dollar can help the real needs of the people now in Haiti. Workers are on the field now. They need your help right now.

If you respond, it could save years of wasted time at fund raising and thousands of dollars of travel expenses for your missionaries. You might save the life of a starving, diseased orphan You might be his or her only chance to live.

Missionaries can use an online presentation to raise and keep support rather than traveling from church to church for years. Church members can track missionary progress from home and contribute directly as special needs arise.

Direct support, means it all goes directly to the designated purpose, project or people. We report all gifts and publish financial statements on request. Your gifts are tax deductible.

Would you like to help right now? 

Here’s How…

Send a check payable to: 

Truth Helpers, Inc.
330 Wedgewood Road
Newark, Delaware 19711-2053

Monthly support and special one-time gifts are all greatly appreciated. Thank you for your kindness and help.