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                  Jean marc , Junie , Brian and Sarah Desire (Missionaries to Haiti )

P.O. Box 2468 , Port-Au-Prince , Haiti W.I.  Phone : 011-509-403-2265

or 011-509-523-9386 ; E-mail :

Dear Supporters , Prayer Partners and Friends. Greetings ! 

    From: "jean marc desire" <>
To: <>
Subject: church construction pictures ( Haiti )
Date: Thursday, March 23, 2006 10:08 PM

Dr. and Mrs. Berry ,Greetings !

We received your most recent support and we thank you so much . We
continue to work on our building and will continue to send to you pictures
updates of the work . A couple of pictures are attached to this note to
show to you the work we are doing inside and outside at level 3rd of our
church building . I trust that the Lord will enable you to come back to
Haiti again to see the great things He has enabled us to do with your help .
I will send to you more pictures as we proceed . God bless you as I pray
that this short note will find both of you doing well .

In Him ,Jean marc

we thank the Lord for your partnership in the gospel.

Yours In Christ,  the Jean marc Desire and family 




When God led Leoncito and Janette Castro from Manila to the United States, they found a home in Delaware and a home church at Ogletown Baptist.  They began seeking a ministry for the Lord.  At the same time God led the Southern Baptist Mission leader, Rev. Jim McBride to speak to Dr. Drew Landry of Ogletown Baptist, offering help in beginning a ministry for Philippine people in the area.  Leoncito and Janette were thrilled that God would use them in such a manner and Healing Water Bible Church, Int'l was born.. 
After two years the Filipino pastor that led the new church found it necessary to return to his home in the Philippines.  The little flock was without a shepherd.  Various preachers volunteered to preach for the young congregation as they searched for a Filipino pastor, and Dr. Tom Berry was one of them.  Soon the church realized that they needed the leadership of a fulltime shepherd and asked Dr. Berry to consider the position of interim pastor until they can find a Filipino pastor.  All his ministry of 50 years, Dr. Berry had loved and served missions. This offered an opportunity that was dear to his heart.  Having claimed Psalm 92:14, "They will still yield fruit in old age;"  as a life principle, it is as if God brought missions to his door step.

                                              Time:  Sunday School 9:30;  WORSHIP AT 10:30 P.M.

                                                     2306 Porter Road, Bear Delaware, 19701

Simbahan ng Tubig na Nagpapagaling, Intl
“Healing people’s lives through the Water of Life”
Nony Arandia, 302 834 9348                                                              Bong Castro, 302 738  2209
Edward Emmet, 302 455 1922                                                         Lando Ramos, 302 376 7843



Excerpts from Hopegivers President, Samuel Thomas

"Imagine being five years old and starving, no home, no bed, and no arms to run to." 

"...How can I just walk past a hungry, scared child as he lies sleeping on the sidewalk?  You would not believe the pitiful looks on their faces, the filthy, diseased conditions in which they live, the pain and hardship these dear ones endure every minute of every day

But sadly, we have to walk past dying children like this every day in India.  Not just one child, but thousands of children filling the sidewalks and streets of India's major cities.  Starving, sick children begging for food or scrounging for scraps of food in trash heaps so that they can live just one more day."

Construction has begun on what will one day be the largest Christian facility in India---an orphanage housing 4,000 children.  Please pray and ask God what He would have you do to help us.  Please contact us at any of the addresses listed, or contact Tom Berry of Truth Helpers, if you desire more information.

Founded in 1960 by Dr. M. A. Thomas and his wife, Ammini, in Kota, India. Formerly known as "Christ For India, Incorporated", this ministry has grown to an annual harvest in 2002 that includes:

  • Over 4000 churches in India and surrounding nations

  • 103 orphanages with over 5000 children

  • 145 Christian schools with nearly 73,000 students

  • 1300 Bible Institute graduate in 2002

Website Address: 
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8808; Columbus, GA 31908
Phone: 1-866-373-HOPE (4673)

Contact Person:


January 2005 Update

Final Frontiers Foundation is now supporting 1329 Preachers in 69 countries.  Since 1986 the foundation has started over 22,490 churches, evangelized 82,643 villages, with 649,234 Professions of Faith.  Today God is truly moving around the world through this ministry of National Church Planters. 

If anyone would like to receive our monthly newsletter it may be downloaded from our website at

Thanks for all you do to support worldwide missions.   

Bro. Tim Posey
Final Frontiers Foundation

Founded by Rev. Jon Nelms, this ministry educates Christian believers of ministries being carried on my national preachers worldwide. A national preacher can be sponsored for $35.00 per month (U.S.).  In thirteen years these sponsored preachers have established over 11,500 new churches.

Website Address: 


Truth to inspire for today.

"We therefore ought to receive such, that we might be fellowhelpers to the truth." -3 John 8


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