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News from Frontline Fellowship

March 2017

Dear Faithful Partners in Ministry,

Attached is the Partner letter for March highlighting the ministry of TBBI graduate Andrei and Luminita Turcu serving our Lord in Oltenia, Romania. The Lord led this couple to one of the poorest area's of Romania to reach these wonderful people for the Lord. He has honored the faithful preaching of His Word and you can see some of those who have been reached with the Gospel of Christ. Pray for the Turcu family and their need for a house in the village they are ministering in. Continue to pray for the needs of the Remodel of the Don Kyer Memorial building. God bless you for your faithfulness to pray for and support this ministry. You are a vital part of this ministry.

Bill and Judy Fortner
Frontline Fellowship


“We are in the beginning of a new year with a desire for God to use us in 2017 to honor and glorify Him! We desire a greater relationship with God as a family; in our relationship with brothers and sisters from the church, which I serve; and relationships with others. 

For this year, as a family we proposed to discover God much more through the Scripture and His care for us in every moment through blessings and trials. I proposed to help my brothers and sisters from church as a servant to walk close to God and show His love; to be united in the love of Christ and to teach them to carry forward the Gospel of God to the unsaved people. 

We are preparing for a week of evangelism. We pray people will be touched by the Word of God in this time of evangelism and we continue to visit people in their homes. We gather every Tuesday for prayer time, every Thursday for youth time. On Sunday morning and evening our worship services together as a church family. We are looking forward to spending time together this summer for the work God is going to do through Vacation Bible School and other ministries. 

We want to ask you to support us in prayer for:

  • For our boy Emanuel Andrei, that God heals him

  • For a place in Strehaia town to start an evangelism work

  • We are in need a house for us.

God reward you for all your support in the name of Jesus. 
Be blessed by God.” Jude 24-25.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

and Cristina Turcu 



  • We still do not have permission to move forward with the remodel. TheStructural Engineer needs to give us the go ahead to continue the remodel with the ‘new revised plans’! 

  • Continue to pray for the funds to complete the building

  • Continue to pray for the safety of the construction workers

"We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations."— Charles Swindoll

We are now set up for the Online Giving – Please contact us and we will send you the information needed to sign up. 423-243-7961 or 423-715-2784 or visit

Thank you for praying,
Bill and Judy

November 2016

We are ministering in Romania! What a privilege to serve with these faithful servants of our Lord. We have had very productive meetings with our staff and Teachers of TBBI. It is so good to see their commitment to faithfully train our students in the Word of God so that they will be equipped to preach and teach the Word. We are so fortunate that the Lord has given us such qualified teachers and staff. 

Sunday we ministered in two village churches. First in Chicoda, where Eugen Goldis, our Music teacher, is pastoring. He and his wife Ema faithfully serve in this village church. Their music was exceptional. In the evening we went to the village of Popovacu Mare at Emanuel Baptist with TBBI graduate Pavel Murariu and his wife. This is one of the three churches where they faithfully serve. In both churches Judy gave testimony and Bill preached the Word. We praise the Lord for the privilege of representing you, our faithful partners, in each ministry opportunity.

Today, we begin teaching the Advanced Module on Personal Evangelism to our students. Please pray for our Lord to use this training to better equip our students in the winning of souls for our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Thank you for praying,
Bill and Judy

September 2016 

Timisoara Baptist Bible Institute will start again Monday October 3rd! This is our twenty-third year of training Nationals to reach their own people for Christ. Many of you have been partners with us the entire time and we praise the Lord for your faithfulness. We have an URGENT need for support now to help us with finances to start the school year and 10 more prayer and financial partners to join with us for $150 a month to train these faithful men in the Word. Would you ask our Lord what He would have you to do? We have a very good group of new students coming to TBBI again this year for both the day school and night school, Praise the Lord! They each have a strong desire to learn God’s Word from our professors and visiting teachers and they want to be prepared to preach the Word and use the talents and spiritual gifts given to them by our Lord. You would be pleased with each student and their desire to study God’s Word. Pastor Mike Allen will soon teach an Advanced Module on "Ephesians" and I will teach one on “Personal Evangelism” These student want to know how to preach and how to reach people for Christ.

We are grateful for you who so faithfully pray for and partner with TBBI, helping spread the Gospel to Eastern Europe. You have a part in each soul won to Christ and each person encouraged in the Word. Please consider a special year-end gift for this ministry as we train men and women to reach others for Christ. 

The link for giving on line: 

Please read the attached August Partner letter, it will be a blessing to you. We have missionaries Brittany Szilagyi and the Doug Nispel family close to reaching their needed support to go to Romania to assist in the ministries there.

Bill and Judy Fortner
Frontline Fellowship

July, 2016

This months partner letter is really exciting, look at the wonderful group of Pastors and Wives that attend the Conference in Romania. Our Lord worked in special ways in the hearts of those in attendance. Read some of the testimonies and pray for these faithful servants of our Lord! You were used of our Lord to make this happen!

TBBI Graduation was once again a blessing because of the exceptional students. Your faithful prayer and financial partnership keeps us training nationals to reach their own people for Christ.
Check our the Remodel effort. Keep praying, we would like to get this remodeling done but the spring of next year.

Your friends in Christ,
Bill and Judy

September 1994 Frontline Fellowship, in cooperation with several independent minded Romanian pastors, and with the support of many American pastors, opened the Timisoara Baptist Bible Institute. TBBI is a full time, one-year, Bible Institute with intensive Bible study for those preparing for Christian ministry. Courses include Homiletics, Hermeneutics, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Pastoral Epistles, Prison Epistles, Pastoral Theology, Missions, Evangelism, Romanian Composition and other Bible related subjects. Our primary goal is to train Nationals as pastors, church planters, evangelists and as missionaries. Romanian pastors teach five days a week under the oversight of the administrator of the school.

In addition to the one year program, after graduation, the students have the opportunity five times a year to take Advanced Module Classes taught for one week, twenty-eight hours of study, by visiting American Professors and Pastors. These practical Advanced Modules include subjects that help the graduates become better equipped in their respective ministries. They include Bible Books, doctrinal courses, church planting, the cults and other timely subjects.

God has far exceeded our expectations in what He has already accomplished through TBBI. Many graduates are now serving as pastors of established churches or have started churches in the villages, reaching their own people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These students love the Lord, have a strong desire to serve their Savior and have a call of God to preach His Word.

TBBI has graduates planting churches all over Romania, in Serbia, Moldova and the Ukraine.

November 11, 2013

Dear Praying Friends,

We had a tremendous time this weekend with two Pastors ministering in three village churches! Bill had the opportunity to preach three times from God’s Word. We are amazed that these men pastor more then one church and usually three or four village churches!

In the morning service we were with TBBI graduate Pastor Lucian Hergane and his wife Maria with their two children who minister in the village of Terova Romania . We shared the Lord’s Table together and Bill preached from I Corinthians 11. It was a blessing to be with this church family in their beautiful new building. If you remember, this is the pastor that worked in this village for five years preaching on the streets in all kinds of weather and now God has blessed them with a beautiful place to worship the Lord! What a blessing to see God’s faithfulness in blessing this family! Two of the women that came were from another village where he is preaching on the streets again and desires to have a church building for the believers. This family has such a heart for reaching the lost that it is humbling to see the way they sacrifice for the work of the Lord. 

Sunday afternoon and evening we were with another TBBI graduate Ovidiu Copecean and his wife Lilly are ministering in four village churches and we had the privilege of ministering in two of them. Bill had the opportunity to preach God’s Word from Romans 5 about God’s Unbelievable Love!! The first church was in a very small building in Dognecea but was packed with believers! We are always blessed to see these small buildings filled with people from the villages that are seeking to worship the Lord. When we arrived at the second church, we were AMAZED with the talent of the young people! The church was filled to capacity! Extra chairs were placed in the back and still people were standing. The orchestra was packed with young people that had been given instruments that were donated to the ministry just two years ago! The talent and dedication of these young people was such a joy to witness! We have attached a picture so that you can see this ministry. 

If you happen to be on our Face Book page, we will put a video of the young people playing in the orchestra.


Christi who was a prison guard for eight years saw God working in the lives of the prisoners and now he is preparing at TBBI to serve the Lord in whatever way He leads. He said, “My goal is to die daily to self and I want to be one hundred percent sold out to the Lord”,

Silviu and Andrei both feel called to work with the youth using sports and other means available to reach them for Christ. Both of these young men have only been saved for a few years. 

Joseph who has worked with missionary Jim Morgan this summer with outdoor evangelistic meetings wants to become a full time missionary using Christian films, face painting, chalk talks and evangelistic messages. 


Georghe Halas is a one year graduate and attending modules for his second year is serving as a missionary pastor in the village of Vlaj . We visited his ministry and were touched by the way God has provided a place to worship in the basement of a home. Georghe expressed his gratitude for the training that he received at TBBI. He said, “When I came to the school I had a great desire to learn the Word of God but never dreamed that God would call me to preach. He has provided a place to meet, a pulpit and a ministry to reach the lost for Christ.” His ministry is to the Gypsy community in this village. 

Stefan Cirpaci is a missionary in Sebis Romania said, “ I am grateful to the Lord for my training at TBBI and am continuing my education in the seminary in Arad . I would desire that TBBI would open a seminary so that I can complete my education here.” Stefan started a church ministering to the Gypsy community. The church is filled to capacity to the point that they have had to bring in additional chairs to accommodate the overflow crowd. 

Night school student Augustine and Florentina his wife minister in the village of Giarmata . Friday night Bill spoke in their church and we were able to see first hand how God is using this family. Florentina spends most of her time with the House of Hope orphanage while she and her husband minister in this village as well. They were excited about a medical team of Romanian Christian Doctors that were coming to the village to give free medical care on Saturday. They were planning their evangelistic efforts to tie in with the medical team’s visit. 

Each and every time we visit with these dedicated Romanian families and students, we go away encouraged and uplifted by their testimonies and the amazing stories of how God has led them to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! It is such a privilege to be here and be a part off seeing God’s hand upon this work! Thank you all for your prayers and partnership with us in this ministry!





Your Servants in Romania, 

Bill and Judy 
Frontline Fellowship

October 31, 2013


It is such a privilege to see the students attentively studying the Word of God so they can reach out to others in Romania with the gospel! Some of the students who have completed their first year of studies and some that are just beginning this year have come for a module study on the book of Hebrews. Mike Allen taught the first six chapters of Hebrews and now Bill is teaching chapters seven through thirteen. 

Bill and Mike Allen were able to give a challenge to the night students on Tuesday night. One of the night students came by to let us know that he could not come because of work but wanted to be sure we understood why he was not here. 

His testimony was so uplifting to us when he shared how The Lord brought him to TBBI. Costi explained that he is a policeman and his desire is to learn how to study the Word of God so that he can reach others for Christ. He said he is willing to go wherever God can use him to spread the news of the gospel. When Bill asked him if his wife supported him in his coming to the school he said that sometimes she did and at other times she did not. Then he explained that they had lost a child recently and that she is suffering with depression so this explained why she is going back and forth. We encouraged him and said that we would also pray for him and his wife. Would you join us to pray for him and his wife as well as the other students here at TBBI. They sacrifice much to be here to study. Many leave their families, jobs and homes to come here for a year of study! 




Another rich blessing during the break today was when we were able to speak to one of the students that came from Bucharest Romania! This young man is 24 years old and a gypsy! He was not able to go to school until he was ten years old because his parents divorced and would not allow him to have his birth certificate as they argued over which name he should have. A church was reaching out to children in the area and offered them education if they would come to church! Robert had already learned English by watching movies and TV but he was hungry for more. At the age of ten he could not read or write! He was one of many children on the streets with no education. At the age of fifteen he came to know Christ and was baptized. Now he is studying to know God’s Word so he can reach others for Christ! 

As we get to know these students, young and old, we find that they all have tremendous testimonies of God’s saving grace! It is such a blessing to hear each one!! 

Your Servants in Romania, 

Bill and Judy 
Frontline Fellowship



October 28, 2013

We spent the weekend with Pastor Gigi Negrea and his family traveling to two of the village churches where he ministers. We started out on the main paved road and then turned onto another paved road that quickly turned into a dirt road with large pot holes! It took us at least an hour to travel to the first village going about five miles an hour! Within a few weeks this road will be covered with snow and will be almost impossible to drive on without a four wheel drive car. We are praying with Pastor Gigi for God to supply this vehicle so that he can continue to minister to the village churches during the winter months. Some funds have been designated for this project but the taxes to purchase this vehicle are beyond reason here in Romania!!

Surdurcu Mare was the first village church we visited.

New believers, Maria and Vasilie invited us to their home for lunch after the service. We were so blessed by their testimony of how God brought them to the saving knowledge of our Savior. I must tell you with tears streaming down his face; Vasilie told us about his house burning while they were away and how the Christians in the village came to their rescue and completely renovated the home! One of the men that came into the charred home said that he found the place completely burned except for a bible and a picture that was on the table! Maria and Vasilie had prayed and read their Bible for seven years and asked God to show them the way and through this tragedy they came to know Christ! They also found out later that this small church had learned that their daughter was in a horrible accident and prayed for her recovery. The were thrilled to report that she has fully recovered! Our hearts were full to overflowing with God's rich blessings in this place! 

A school teacher came up to us with a message written in English to tell us how grateful they were that TBBI had trained her pastor. Here is what she wrote. "Thank you for the help that you have given to our pastor. He is very dedicated to the work of the lord". This is what we are all about and we praise God that He is blessing those all over Romania and other parts of the world with His message!! This young teacher and some of the student are being threatened in the village school to not share their faith and to stop coming to the church. The teenage children are being told by the Orthodox priest that if they don't stop coming they will not pass his classes. Praise the Lord they are continuing to come and are faithful in the church!!

Next we went to the Village of Binis.

The people here and everywhere were received us with such open arms!! They were celebrating their Thanksgiving Harvest with fruit and vegetables displayed in the front of the church. Bill preached from Psalm 103 on the abundant benefits from the Lord and his provision for all of us believers! 
We also want to share what a blessing it was to travel with a group of musicians that played for each of the church services. Two of these men have gone through cancer surgery and treatments this year. The elderly gentleman has decided to stop his treatment and trust God for the result. He told Gigi that he will use his strength and talent for the Lord until he can no longer travel!!! 
It is hard to put into words and pictures how God is working in this place! Thank you again for your prayers and support for the national Pastors and the Bible School in Romania. Without you we would not be able to see all of this fruit!! 

God Bless you, 

Bill and Judy 
Frontline Fellowship




October 20, 2013

Dear Praying Friends,

The roof is on, Praise the Lord!! We are so excited to see the progress of the TBBI Don Kyer building addition. It is such a blessing for Judy and me to be here and witness the progress that has been made on the building but also to see how the ministry is moving forward for His glory! 

We want to thank all of you that have prayed so diligently for this work and supported this building project. The next step is to lay the bricks to complete the outer walls on the second floor. Then we will begin to place the windows on the first and second floor. We believe that the walls and the windows will be in place before the harsh winter sets in! 

Classes for the advance module begin on Monday. Pastor Mike Allen and I will be teaching the book of Hebrews. Pray for us as we share the Word with these students who are eager to learn from God’s Word!! 

We ask that you continue to pray as there is still much to do. 

Your Friends in Christ, 

Bill and Judy

Bill Fortner 
Frontline Fellowship




August, 2013

Dear Faithful Partners in Ministry,

Timisoara Baptist Bible Institute

We have been advertizing TBBI on the Radio as well as in Christian Magazines and Danuiel Tut our Administrator tells me we are getting good response in those interested in attending TBBI this fall. We have a newly converted Orthodox Priest that has been interviewed by one of our Professors and he wants to resign his parish church and attend TBBI! Praise the Lord! We will have more details when we can share.

Missionary National Pastor Beniamin Negoiu. 
Praise the Lord for what He is doing at Emanuel Baptist Church in Comanda, Oltenia, Romania. Sunday services are going well with good attendance and our Saturday Children program is going good. Many hours are spent in prayer, counseling and with home visits. At the beginning of the year we studied the “Heroes of faith” from Heb11, each Sunday morning and it was an encouraging study for each of us. The believers were very attentive and took an active role in the study. On Sunday evening the church studied 2nd Corinthians. This study has also produced fruit. We pray to God for wisdom to understand and put to practice His Word. We also had Evangelistic services. The messages were preached by pastors Moise Fisteag, Paul Puschita, TBBI graduates and Paul Dor. We praise the Lord for their sacrifice. After these services a person expressed the will to follow the Lord. There is also a former Pentecostal man attending, whose wife regularly attends our church. There are many children in Comonda who are interested not only in games, but in studying the Word of God. We meet every Saturday in the church yard, when we have prayer time, and we practice for Sunday morning service. We have studied Days of Creation, and then Joseph’s life. At the end of these lessons we had a test and many prizes have been offered. We have games and sport activities. Praise the Lord for the strength and the wisdom in ministry. I am aware of the responsibility of the ministry and I know that it is only God who will make it grow (1Cor 3:6,7) Grace and blessing from the Lord. Pastor Beni.

TBBI Don Kyer Building Addition 

God bless all of you who faithfully pray for and support this ministry and the building project. Please continue to pray for this vital need! Because you responded so graciously, the exterior of second floor is almost complete. Praise His Name! Most of the money to complete the roof is also in because of the faithfulness of you, our partners. A special thank you to those who have been a so faithful to pray and give.

Your Servant for Christ, 

Bill Fortner, Director 

Dear faithful Partners in ministry,

Attached is the May Partner Letter you will see some of the students who attended the May Advanced Module Class. I am constantly reminded of the sacrifice the students make to come to class and the sacrifice you make to keep the Bible school going. Note the picture and story of Iurie Federocia ministering in Moldova. It is so exciting to see TBBI reaching students from other countries, Moldova , Serbia and the Ukraine . The Gospel is going out throughout Eastern Europe because of your prayers and interest in this vital ministry of training Nationals to reach their own people with the Gospel of Christ.

TBBI Don Kyer Building is happening now! We have finished the first floor now starting construction on the second floor. Praise His Name. New Dorms, Kitchen, Dining Room and Class Room soon to be a reality.

God bless you who so faithfully pray for and give to this ministry,

Brother Bill

Bill Fortner

Frontline Fellowship

The Birth of Frontline Fellowship

 In 1973 Rev. Don Kyer shared his burden with his pastor, Dr. Tom Wallace, and a Christian businessman, Dr. Bill Fortner. They enlisted others and Frontline Fellowship was born. Their basic purpose was, "Find a pastor (in communist Europe) who stands faithfully for Christ and the Word of God and help him any way possible."

Over time hundreds of such faithful pastors would be found. Frontline Fellowship would serve as a channel of encouragement, financial support and provision for whatever help was needed.

The Iron Curtain Cracked

Communism proclaimed itself to be "the worker's paradise". In actuality, the workers were more like slaves living below what Americans defined as "the poverty line". As a result many communist countries groveled to obtain "most-favored-nations" trade status with the United States. The U.S. demanded increased human rights and more open borders. The communist countries began to begrudgingly comply and this opened the door for Christian missionaries to gain entrance. Rev. Don Kyer was in the forefront of gospel preachers passing through these cracks in the iron curtain. 

Frontline Fellowship also became a channel for many faithful American pastors to enter the communist nations. They preached the gospel to packed out crowds in the churches and secretly taught national pastors. Hundreds of pastors were helped in their understanding of the word of God and thousands came to faith in Jesus Christ. 

From 1978 to 1994 Frontline Fellowship partnered with national pastors to establish nearly 50 new churches.

A New Role for Frontline Fellowship

Following the overthrow of communism in Romania during Christmas of 1989 that country threw its doors open to ministers of the gospel. It was during this time that many Romanian pastors met with Rev. Don Kyer requesting Frontline Fellowship take a leadership role in establishing a Bible Institute to provide on-going training for pastors and Christian workers. 

Rev. Kyer shared this request with pastors of supporting churches, and as a result Timisoara Baptist Bible Institute came into existence.

Beginning with three evenings of classes per week in September of 1994, day classes were soon added for full-time students.

Hundreds of pastors and Christian workers have received Bible training at Timisoara Baptist Bible Institute. Well over 100 pastors have graduated and over 100 new churches have been started in very needed areas. Most of these pastors and churches receive financial support from caring Christians through Frontline Fellowship. Rev.Kyer is optimistic that sufficient funds will be raised to make final payment (this July) on the facilities that provide classrooms and office space.

In January of 1971 Rev. Don Kyer resigned the church of which he was pastor in order to help pastors and workers in the Communist countries of eastern Europe. He involved himself in the printing and providing of Bibles, hymnbooks, and other literature to Christians under atheistic, communist regimes.

Truth Helpers, Inc. Endorses Frontline Fellowship

Caring Christians are encouraged to prayerfully consider becoming a partner with Frontline Fellowship. Address: Frontline Fellowship; P.O. Box 822; Fredericksburg, VA 22404-0822. Telephone: (540) 373-7319. E-mail: